1995 Honda CM125 Side Car by Riot Bike Co

This Bike has been built by Riot Bike Co from Singapore, Simon send us these pictures and we really enjoy this nice project, a small bike with an Wrench style and a side car... 

"It's a 1995 Honda CM125 I did at the car park area outside my office. I did it with a very limited budget, a lot of the parts were either reshaped from the original parts on the bike or scarp materials I found. 

The handlebars are the stock bars, cut reshaped and welded. I run the wires internally to make it look cleaner. I couldn't afford those expensive "bobber" tail light, so I used the stock turn signal light and turned it into a tail light. The rear fender was shaped from the original fender. The tank was from a Suzuki GN125 I picked up from the scrapyard, I cut off the seam and welded it to have a smoother look. I used the rubber grommets that protects the wires left from my Honda Steed to mount the tank. The seat was made from aluminium pan. I had a friend's mom to help me sew the lines on the cover. I made the passenger seat with wood and foam from and old sofa, however the upholstery was done by a professional sofa restorer(that's the only part done by a professional on this bike). I did the paint job as well as the (poorly done) pinstripe. I added a steering damper to reduce the wobble. I couldn't find a nice headlight within my budget, so I flipped the headlight mounts and the lowered headlight blended with the bike pretty well. I wanted to get a matching wheel on the sidecar, but I had to give up that idea to stay within budget. So it might look a little odd with spoke wheel on that side. "

Simon from Riot Bike Co (Singapore)


Credits : Riot Bike Co Singapore 

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