HD & Marisa Miller (again)

Harley Davidson is more than just a U.S tradition and heritage. They have been associated with the U.S Army since the very biggening of World War I. Of course, it is where HD made its entry into the world as the first army vehicles. Now HD again pays tribute to the Army once again in a way only HD can think of. The Milwaukee factory which have recently started the Free Country concept have romped in celebrity Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller for the "Military Appreciation month" for November. Marisa, as you would recall is also the brand ambassador for the V-Rod and was featured here in this blog in a Spanish Playboy pictorial. Marisa will promote a number of posters foeaturing her on the classic HD bikes in an artistic get up and along with the pin ups, there will also be gadgets available with HD dealers.
Marisa miller said "I am honored to support HD in this initiative, which celebrates those brave men and women who maintain freedom in our country. My grandfather is a veteran and I had the opportunity to meet many military thanks to him, and somehow have a special place in my heart. I hope that Americans will follow the example and my Harley Davidson, and give thanks to these heroes every day, throughout the month of November".
Source of info: Harley Davidson Free Country


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